Best C-Pen Reader – An Advantageous Tool for Dyslexic Children

According to statistics, 8% of children who go to school suffer from dyslexia. It is a difficulty in learning to read. It is considered a disability. In order to help children who suffer from it, manufacturers have launched talking pens on the market, also known as pens reader or C-Pen. To find out more about this digital tool, read on.

What is a pen reader?

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A pen reader or a talking pen is, as its name suggests, a pen that reads. This digital tool reads aloud sentences and words on paper. Simply highlight words that are difficult to read or understand and the pen will say them out loud.

To avoid disturbing the neighbors, you can listen to the highlighted words through the headphones provided. This equipment is a great innovation. It can be used by people of all ages: children and adults.

However, it is especially popular in the school environment. It promotes and improves the learning of dyslexic people at school.

The advantages of using a pen reader

Dyslexic children find it difficult to succeed in school because of their disability. Unlike other students, they find it difficult to read and understand certain exercises.

They have great difficulty in responding to the teacher orally, etc. It is to avoid all these kinds of problems that professionals have invented the talking pen.

So, by using this digital tool, dyslexic children can learn the lessons and do the exercises just like any other student. They will not make too much effort when learning. Moreover, they will feel good because they can progress just like their classmates.

With the talking pen, dyslexic children will also be able to integrate into normal schools. They will not need to follow specific programs in specific schools. They will be able to live like all children of their age.

On a personal level, by using a talking pen, a dyslexic child will be able to develop self-confidence. He will be more self-confident and independent in everyday life. Better still, he will be more independent.

The Characteristics Of A C-Pen Reader

A C-pen reader helps dyslexic people to learn to read better. It is very useful during the school year to better understand the lessons and exercises. This digital tool has its own characteristics.

Equipped with voice synthesis, a talking pen allows you to read a highlighted text aloud. In fact, it automatically identifies the highlighted characters in order to read them correctly. It can also display the definition of the highlighted and read the word as required.

Thus, not only does the pen make it possible to know how to read a word, but also to know the meaning of the word. Even more innovative, it integrates several languages.

Thus, it can be used to read different languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian… It can, therefore, initiate dyslexic children to foreign languages.

Equipped with a screen, the talking pen simultaneously displays the words read. This display also makes it possible to simplify the various settings of the device.

Thus, users will have no difficulty regulating the reading speed (slow or fast) and the pause time for punctuation, selecting the language and the volume of words to be read as well as the text integration mode. With the display, it will also be easier to adjust the brightness, auto sleep and adaptation to a left- or right-handed person.

Just make sure you choose a talking pen with a clearly legible display when you buy it.

For added convenience, the talking pen can save the highlighted lines on a computer or Mac. That way, children can review and re-read them at any time.

As far as power is concerned, the Talking Pen works with a rechargeable battery. To replenish its power, simply connect it to a computer or Mac using the supplied cable. Just note that a stand-alone battery is more economical.

That way, children can use the pen for hours without having to recharge it all the time. Likewise, also check to see if the charging time is short.

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Where can you buy a C-Pen Reader?

On the market, you will find several models of pen readers. Not all of them have the same features and performance. However, to find the one that really suits the needs of dyslexic children, you need to be very meticulous in considering the main features above.

Once you have looked at all the features, all you have to do is compare prices in specialist shops or online stores. However, buying online is cheaper, as you will save more time. All you have to do is make a few clicks to place an order.

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