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As soon as I hear the word “easel”, the first image that comes to mind is of a painter whose shirt is splashed with traces of paint, a brush in hand, concentrating intensely on a canvas perched in his studio. This accessory is the equipment par excellence of all artists.

But there are many different types of easels, designed to meet specific and different needs. To find the one that suits you best, it is more than essential to go through a buying guide like the one I wrote here.

Once you have taken into account all the most important purchasing features, you will find yourself with models such as Royal & Langickel REA6000, which is a 104-piece, multi-technical and multi-purpose artist’s easel box; or Artina Barcelona, a beechwood stand for amateur and professional artists.

The painting was mastered by men long before writing and reading. And today, this art remains a relic of the past. Although techniques have evolved more and more, there are certain points that have remained the same.

For years, budding painters and professionals have all been searching for the best easel on the market.

Royal Langnickel – The All Media Easel Artist Set

Royal Langnickel - The All Media Easel Artist Set

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The very first thing you’ll think of when you see Royal & Langickel REA6000 is that you absolutely need it.

This best easel set is the ideal alternative for those who are not fortunate enough to have a large workshop but still want to freely indulge their passion for painting. Whatever technique you use, this artist’s easel is designed to be multi-purpose, therefore versatile in every way.

Composed of 104 pieces, buying it is an investment that will allow you to benefit from a product composed, beforehand, of all the accessories you will need to create an extraordinary work of art.

Beginner? The parts delivered with this easel will allow you to start painting without any worries. And for students or professional artists, this set also appears to be the ideal tool.

When you open it, you will be immediately dazzled by the large selection of pencils, pastels, and paintings in a two-drawer retractable box. When you open it, you will find a third drawer where other products are stored. With a weight of 7 kg, it is easy to carry around when you are on the move.

Whether you’re a beginner or a painting enthusiast, you’ll need this easel. Its design meets the expectations of people who don’t know where to buy the best easel. This equipment provides everything you need to paint in the right conditions.


  • Functional: The purchase of this product will suit you if you are looking for the best brand of easels. It is a good investment since the device consists of a total of 104 pieces.
  • Complete: With this item, you will benefit from three drawers designed to store paints, pastels and everything else you need.


  • Unsatisfactory: Some buyers are disappointed with the quality of the paint and brushes. They expected the best, given the price of this item.

Walimex Painting Easel

Walimex Painting Easel

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When starting out in painting, it’s best to choose a low or entry-level easel. Equipped with an extension crank, the Walimex is a model that will be perfect for beginners. The structure of this sturdy easel is made entirely of aluminum, so it will not rust and will last easily over time.

As for its weight, you should know that it weighs only 900 g. When unfolded, its maximum height will be 150 cm. In terms of capacity, the Walimex 18427 is compatible with canvases measuring 74 cm high and will be able to support a maximum load of 10 kg.

Thanks to its rubber feet, it will always remain stable under all circumstances. In addition, this model incorporates a hook that is designed to take a weight that will make it even heavier.

This equipment is very efficient and will make outdoor use much easier. In terms of storage, you should know that this easel will not take up too much space.

Indeed, it is equipped with a handle as well as several release cranks that will allow you to fold and unfold it in no time at all. In addition, a carrying bag will be included in its packaging. As far as the warranty is concerned, Walimex has announced a 2-year guarantee.


  • Height adjustable: With this easel you can paint standing or sitting.
  • Stable: Thanks to the hook located under the central column, you can add extra weight to stabilize it more and more.
  • Lightweight: Even with an aluminium support, the Walimex 18427 is the lightest model on the market, weighing only 900 g.


  • Not suitable for professionals: This model was designed for amateurs and beginners. A professional will automatically turn to a high-end support.

Lefranc et Bourgeois Table Canvas

Lefranc et Bourgeois Table Canvas

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The choice of your easel should not be made at random. In most cases, you should consider several key points, including quality, price, and aesthetics.

And on all these points, Lefranc & Bourgeois 440084 make a faultless course. For quality, it is not necessary to try every model to understand that this one is a good alternative.

This is proven, for example, in the manufacturing material of this model. Made entirely of bamboo, durability is a feature that has helped users choose it over others.

And for optimal comfort, the manufacturers have thought of including a height-adjustable clog. This means that you can fully express your expectations and desires.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to choose the height according to the technique you use. As you will read in our buying guide, acrylic and pastel paints require different positioning.

This is a table easel that will help you to embellish your exterior as it can be used as a decorative object. The construction material ensures the resistance of the whole while offering a beautiful design.


  • Superior design: This device is made entirely of bamboo. This material is appreciated especially for its durability over time. By opting for this product, you will make a long-term acquisition.
  • Practical: To simplify the use of this equipment, it is possible to adjust its height according to the activity you plan to do. This will allow you to use the easel in the best conditions.


  • Constraining: Users who have had time to test this product report that the assembly was complicated. They say that in some cases the screws are too long and the holes are not suitable.

How To Use An Easel?

You can use an easel to support your objects at height. It is often used by painters to place their canvases on it. It usually has three legs to give it balance and support on top to hold the artist’s work. Below are the essential points to be aware of before using this material.

Mount it well before using it

To give it an angle of inclination that puts the artist at ease, this stand was made with only three feet. Find a flat spot to keep the easel balanced.

Spread the stabilizing foot behind the other two feet in front of it, as it supports the entire weight of the system. Make sure that it is securely fastened, otherwise you risk wasting your paint by dropping it.

Be careful where you choose to place it, as it is best not to move the easel once you have started your work.

Adjust the easel

There are a few adjustments to be made before you begin. Not all painters have the same size or preference as to the height of the painting when working.

The height adjustment of the support can also vary depending on the type of work. To solve this problem, the manufacturers have developed a system to maintain the painting support at the desired height.

In most cases, it consists of a set of holes at different levels where the interface connected to the support is inserted.

Place the canvas gently

Whether you are exhibiting your paintings or setting up your new workspace, be very careful when you put it up. Don’t be too rough or you risk destroying either your canvas or your easel by dropping it.

Only the middle of the work is supported by the easel: when you paint, it will remain immobile only if you center it well in the middle. First, gauge the balance position of your object before you start painting.

Don’t press too hard with the brush

Painters each have their own way of creating their art. Nevertheless, avoid pressing too hard with the brush. You risk jostling the painting and pushing the easel too hard.

There is a limit to how much pressure the easel can withstand. Once exceeded, you will find yourself with pieces of wood instead of a beautiful masterpiece.

Maintain your easel

Easels are often made of wood to make them lighter and more artistic. Do not wash them with water, this will accelerate the rotting of the wood. Instead, wipe with a simple cloth to remove dirt.

Watch out for paint stains on the tripod, wipe them off as soon as you find them. To polish it and make it more attractive, cover it with a coat of wood varnish.

This layer, apart from giving it a shine, also protects it from the action of water or anything else that could degrade the wood.

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