How To Choose The Right Floor For Your Livingroom

In order to have fun and create a pleasant and cozy living room, choosing the right floor coverings play an important part in the atmosphere. As the proud owner of a new house or apartment, you have the chance to choose the flooring in the style you want.

Warm and cozy, easy to maintain and practical, contemporary and urban, they come in a variety of styles to suit your desires. But before looking at the spirit of the floor itself, it is necessary to take into account certain factors.

Starting with the use of the living room. How is the room inhabited? How do you live there? Is the passage intense? These are all decisive questions. Point by point, go through all the criteria to be listed to choose the right floor for your living room.

As a place where people come and go, the lounge needs a suitable floor. It must be sturdy to withstand moving furniture, falling objects or frequent cleaning.

In your new home, choose the flooring that matches your needs and desires. Thanks to an ever-increasing variety of ranges, floors come in a variety of finishes and decors to meet everyone’s expectations. Parquet, tiles or PVC, it’s up to you to determine the ideal floor!

1. Identify the use of the living room to define the optimal flooring

Depending on the accommodation, the living room does not have the same function. It can be a place where one receives, where one takes refuge, but also a place where the family meets.

With the idea of a convivial and warm living room, a solid parquet, glued or laminated, proves to be resistant while releasing a pleasant and soft atmosphere.

In a living room like a cocoon, a complimentary carpet will have all its place. Be careful with its color to avoid having a too dirty floor.

With a cheerful tribe, small children, pets or simply the desire for a simple floor to use, tiling is recommended. Large slabs for a concrete or cement tile effect, to each his own style.

Attractive thanks to a small budget, PVC flooring has fun imitating many decorations to seduce as many people as possible. It is as practical as it is quick to maintain!

2. Take into account the rooms adjoining the living room

In a large open space, the living room environment influences the choice of flooring. For example, near the kitchen, the living room floor needs to be easy to maintain.

In a studio or small apartment, the living room is also a multifunctional living room that can be used as a bedroom. The floor should be soft and pleasant to the touch.

If you opt for different types between the living room and the adjoining room, it is ideal to choose floor coverings that can be combined in the same range of tones to create a harmonious whole.

3. Dare to be unique and go the extra mile

With a wide range of variations, floors continue to impress and attract us more and more. Whether in an authentic version with natural material such as wood or aesthetic with a perfect imitation of marble or certain rare materials, a concrete floor impression, the coverings have more than one asset.

It is interesting to dare and have fun by deciding on a flooring like no other. Cement tiles or pure white tiles, it is a way to stand out and have a new home with character.

In the heart of the living room, the floor also reflects your whole personality. So dare to get creative and experiment with unique patterns that best defines your style. Sky’s the limit!

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