How To Use Iron On Fabric

Iron-on fabric is a practical textile for designing or customizing your clothes. Do you want to start a sewing project? Take the time to follow this complete guide about the use of iron-on fabric!

1. What is iron-on fabric?

In sewing, there are different terms to know about interfacing. Learn to recognize them before you concentrate on iron-on fabric.

Here they are:

  • Interlining: this is the term for the different layers of fabric used to reinforce a textile;
  • Viseline: This is a very famous and widespread iron-on fabric in Germany;
  • Triple weave: it is a woven cloth similar to a sheet. It is very thick and consists of a triple layer as its name suggests. It is thicker than iron-on fabric, it is practical, but it makes the fabric stiffer;
  • Iron-on: this is a fabric that can be woven and non-woven and it consists of a sticky base that can react to the heat of the iron.

Iron-on fabric is, therefore, a practical textile that can be stuck on after light ironing. It can be used to reinforce your seams, to make hems or to obtain a good lining.

2. What are the different types of iron-on fabric?

There are different types of iron-on fabric. Discover the different models of iron-on fabric:

  • The woven iron-on fabric: it has a sticky side, it is light and soft. The woven fabric is recommended to keep a good range of movement and lightness;
  • The non-woven iron-on: this iron-on looks like paper, it is thick and can give a cardboard effect. That’s why this type of iron-on tape is more used for accessories or shirt collars;
  • The double-sided iron-on: it is useful to stick two fabrics together. A layer of glue covers both surfaces;
  • The waterproof iron-on: this time, it is a coating that makes a fabric waterproof, but it is plasticized, that’s why it can also give a cardboard effect;
  • The padded iron-on: it can paddle thanks to its foam. It avoids sewing or quilting a fabric. The padded iron-on sticker is thin and fulfills this function perfectly;

As you can see, you have a lot to choose from! The iron-on fabric must be adapted to its use for a better effect.

3. How to use iron-on fabric?

The iron-on fabric can be glued on all fabrics, the process is almost the same for each type of textile. Here are the steps to follow to fix an iron-on fabric on conventional fabrics, such as cotton :

  • Wash and iron the fabric to ensure that the glue is properly fixed;
  • Set the iron on cotton and remove the steam;
  • Place the pattern on the desired location, choose a flat surface, without relief ;
  • Install a sheet of baking paper or a damp cloth for fragile fabrics on the pattern;
  • Press for 20 seconds, do not iron just hold the iron;
  • Remove the iron and let the iron-on fabric cool down;
  • Check the fixing by pulling slightly on the edges, if the iron-on fabric moves, apply the iron again for 10 seconds.

4. How to attach iron-on fabric to polyester or nylon fabric?

The use of iron-on fabric on materials such as polyester or nylon is more delicate. Here is the process of gluing in detail:

  • Set the iron on a nylon mode or choose a low temperature mode;
  • Lay the pattern as for less fragile fabrics;
  • Place a damper on the reverse side of the garment;
  • Place a sheet of greaseproof paper on the pattern to be glued;
  • Place the hot iron on the iron-on pattern covered with a sheet of baking paper;
  • Apply pressure for 8 to 10 seconds, the iron must be slightly slid during application ;
  • Allow the fabric to cool and check the bonding, if it does not hold, repeat the operation.

5. Use the iron-on fabric to make hems

You can make hems with a classic iron-on or double-sided fabric. You will see, making a hem with iron-on fabric is rather simpleā€¦ Here are the different sewing steps:

  • Start by ironing the garment;
  • Make a fold with an iron to facilitate the gluing;
  • Put a strip of iron-on along the most marked by the iron;
  • Fold the other part of the fabric over the iron-on strip;
  • Iron for 10 seconds, do not slide the iron, just put it down and keep a light pressure;
  • Allow to cool and check your sticking.

6. How to remove iron-on fabric

Is your iron-on sticker peeling off or is it damaged and you want to remove it? Know that you will have to be patientā€¦ Find out how to do it:

  • Heat the iron on a mode adapted to the fabric of the garment;
  • Place the garment inside out on the ironing board and put a clean cotton cloth on the glue stitch;
  • Place the iron on the cloth to soften the glue with heat. Put the iron on the cloth to soften the glue with heat. Start by putting the iron on for a few seconds and try to remove it several times;
  • Use scissors to cut out the loose parts of the iron-on;
  • Remove the glue residue by turning the garment over and applying the iron to the cloth at the location;
  • Repeat this action several times to remove the remaining pieces of glue.

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