Why Are Montblanc Pens So Expensive

MontBlanc, one of the most popular brands in pen design, has been aptly named for more than a century now. Its fame has been built on the art, the quality of manufacture and the elegance that it has been able to integrate into its instruments, making them so expensive. Yet they are objects of covetousness.

Milestones in the history of Montblanc

It all began in 1906 when three partners decided to launch a manufacturing facility that would later come internationally renowned.

The Hamburg merchant Claus-Johannes Voss, the engineer August Eberstein and the banker Alfred Nehemias made a revolutionary discovery with the concept of a new Mont-Blanc fountain pen with a built-in ink reservoir.

The company moved to Hamburg, Germany, from its humble beginnings. Originally called the Simplo Filler Pen Company, the brand fascinated consumers with its first “Red and Black” collection in 1908. The latter drew its nomenclature from its design in black ebonite sublimated by a red cap.

The success of the collection was then quickly achieved. The brand takes up the acronym of the red star adorning the six glaciers of the majestic summit of Mont Blanc. It is from there that the manufacturer patented the name and became Mont Blanc Simplo GMBH. The brand’s fame is such that it conquers Europe at breakneck speed.

In 1924, Mont-Blanc wrote a new page in its history with the presentation of the Meisterstück, meaning “masterpiece”. This timeless looking instrument attracts connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

The lucky number 4810 inscribed on every pen in the Meisterstück range makes them unique. This value is equivalent to the height of Mont Blanc, the number of pieces in each limited edition or the number of diamonds in the 35-facetted “Meisterstück Solitaire Royal”, which was launched in the 1980s. The Meisterstück even found its place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

During the period of World War II, the German companies were destroyed, but the brand continues to manufacture from its subsidiaries in Denmark.

In 1987, Mont-Blanc decided to diversify its products by launching into leather goods. This gamble paid off for the brand, as its equipment also met with great success.

Around the year 2000, the manufacturer joined forces with Swiss master watchmakers to produce watches that were as aesthetic as they were high-performance, with an innovative design.

In 2003, the company presented the Starwalker collection. The instrument is bathed in modernity, juggling know-how, expertise, and inventiveness. But its history does not stop there. Even today, it continues to amaze with its inventiveness in many areas.

Montblanc – where the value of writing is essential

Since its creation, Mont-Blanc has never ceased to leave its mark in the field of writing. The brand alone was the pioneer of calligraphy instruments. And although technological devices are part of our daily lives, the brand’s fountain pens do not lose their notoriety thanks to their innovative and timeless design.

Indeed, in these times when digital technology is overwhelming us, a quality pen is reviving our passion for writing. It reminds us of the importance of content on paper.

Moreover, it is difficult to forget every word engraved on a sheet of paper by a Mont-Blanc instrument, because it reflects the beauty and finesse of a well-worked tool.

Design at the service of expertise

“Masterpiece.” This word sums up any ballpoint pen in any collection of this brand. Nothing is left to chance in their design. They all represent a story in their creation.

With their unmistakable style, you feel the passion, patience, and skill of the master craftsmen just by holding and writing with a branded instrument.

The manufacturer’s accessories hold a special status with their unusual aesthetics, fascinating the luxury industry. Some of the brand’s products are also among the top 10 most expensive pens in the world.

From a look reflecting the ancient Mayan civilization with the Montegrappa to bohemian design with the Limited Edition Butterfly or the Royal Bohemian, and the royal collection such as the Caran d’Ache with the 1010 and the Modernista Diamonds; the Masterpiece Mystery, the Aurora Diamante or the Fulgor Nocturnus of the Tibaldi edition, the pens are well known.

The latter model is even at the top of the list with a price tag of more than 7 million euros. The precision in the manufacturing process can be felt and the design materials are nothing less than gold and diamonds for a dazzling brilliance and aesthetics at the height of the luxury industry.

Accessories in the background

In its drive to diversify its products, the manufacturer makes every effort to keep its design quality well beyond competing brands. If you already own a pen, you can also purchase other materials with the sign’s logo.

Clothing accessories are important to us on a daily basis, and Mont-Blanc understands this. This is why it has developed cufflinks inlaid with stone, made of chiselled steel or solid silver reflecting a chic and dynamic style.

The brand also offers bracelets with a refined look, in leather or steel, according to your taste. Tie clips remain a must for those who do not want to break tradition.

The prestige of the brand is also founded in the field of leather goods. In addition, we distinguish equipment dedicated to men of all ages and various styles. For example, business and city bags, wallets, organisers and many more are available. Their character is such that their coverings imitate those of the brand’s pens, designed with quality materials to offer you the best experience.

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