Which Chalk Markers Are The Best and What Do You Use Them For?

I often get the question: ‘Which types of chalk markers are best, which ones do you use and what thickness of window markers do you need for a window drawing’. Good questions, because making a window drawing is so much more fun & easier with the right chalk markers. I would like to explain all that to you in this post.

What chalk markers are out there?

Too many brands to list. I myself have various brands because I like to experiment. This way, I immediately learn what works well and what doesn’t. But more on that later. 

First I want to show you what thicknesses there are. That is very important to know so that you immediately grab/purchase the right window marker for your window drawing.

The following chalk marker thicknesses are available:

  • 0.9-1.3mm (Fine): Suitable for small detailed drawings. Usually, you do not use this on your window, but rather for a drawing on a photo frame.
  • 1.8 – 2.5 mm (medium): the most commonly used thickness with which you can make a medium-sized window drawing. Fine for the outside lines.
  • 3.0>…. sometimes up to 30 mm (large): very suitable for making very large texts and coloring large areas.

You also have a choice in the type of point: round, chisel, and block.

The most used are the round tips because they work the same as normal markers and are therefore easy to handle. However, chisel points can also have advantages. You can make nice effects with it and put thickness in your lines in a faster way. You mainly use block points for coloring large areas.

Waterproof and wet wipe chalk markers

Almost everyone is under the assumption that all chalk markers are not waterproof and can be wiped away with a cloth. However, that is not the case. You have 2 types of chalk markers: waterproof and ‘wet wipe’. 

The difference is that the ‘wet wipe’ is erasable by going over it with a (wet) cloth or piece of kitchen roll. Waterproof marker stays put when moisture gets on it. Only when you start scrubbing with soapy water and a scouring sponge, the waterproof chalk is removed. 

I often use ‘wet wipe’ markers as I apply everything on the inside of the window in rooms that do not get damp.

Which chalk markers are the best

I learned that from experience. Below I will show you which one I have and what my experience is. Of course, this is a personal opinion and I recommend that you try out what works best for you :). All 5 markers below are wet wipe markers. The latter are waterproof markers.

Zooyoo Liquid chalk pen – wet wipe

Operation: Fine. However, with a disadvantage. When setting the line, it is transparent at first and only dries up white later. As a result, you do not immediately see what you have drawn. They are also not super covering.

Easy to Buy: Yes, through Aliexpress website . I haven’t seen them anywhere in the store. You buy 1 for € 0.65 (85 dollar cents) from Aliexpress so a bargain. You have to wait a week or 2/3 for it. Great price/quality!

Hema chalk marker – wet wipe

Operation:  Fine. I like to use them for detailed surfaces because of the small point and thickness. They are not super opaque, but you cannot see that if you make the entire window drawing with this marker. 

The disadvantage is that the point quickly becomes ‘blunt’ and you can, therefore, draw less accurately in the long run.

Update: unfortunately I notice that the quality of these markers is deteriorating. The markers that I now buy in the store are sometimes not working properly. 

Easy to buy: Yes, via the website or in the Hema store. You buy 1 for € 1, – a bargain. Great price/quality!

Pop art chalk marker – wet wipe

Operation:  Fine / good. I use them for medium-sized window drawings. These chalk markers have a chisel point. Ideal for effects in fonts and lines. The lines are immediately opaque. The disadvantage is that you have to provide the tip with chalk filling several times (by shaking and pumping).

Easy to buy: Yes, through various webshops. For sale in different colors but also at different prices. Discount sets are often cheaper. Googling and comparing with various webshops is therefore definitely worth it.  😉

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Chalktastic chalk marker – wet wipe

Operation:  Fine. I have thicknesses of 5 and 15 mm and therefore use them for (medium) large window drawings. These chalk markers have a round and block point. 

With this type, the lines are immediately opaque, but also have the disadvantage that you have to provide the tip with chalk filling several times (by shaking and pumping). Especially with the large version of 15 mm you have to work very quietly to keep the lines opaque. Fast strokes give ugly, non-covering lines.

Easy to buy: Yes, again via various webshops (eg via via Amazon ). The same applies here: for sale in different colors, at different prices and discount sets are cheaper.

Uni Chalk chalk marker – wet wipe

Operation: Good! I have been using this chalk marker for a while and it is one of my favorites. I have different thicknesses (fine and medium) and various colors. These chalk markers have a round tip. 

The lines are immediately covering and (the big advantage) have a very good coverage. Sure you have to pump every now and then to get the chalk back into the point, but that’s how it should be. Extra advantage: they keep for a long time if you store them neatly.

Easy to buy: Yes, again via various web stores. The same applies here: for sale in different colors, at different prices and discount sets are cheaper.

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Posca chalk marker – waterproof

Operation: Good! I recently discovered this chalk marker and it is also one of my favorites. I bought a discount package with no less than 7 different thicknesses and points. Also with these chalk markers, the lines are immediately opaque.

I even think that the white of these markers is even very clear. Super awesome. These markers also keep for a long time, so you can certainly use them for a few months.

Easy to buy: Yes, again via various web stores. The same applies here: for sale in different colors, at different prices and discount sets are cheaper.

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You will now certainly notice that there are no Edding chalk markers on my list. That’s right because I don’t have it anymore. They were the first markers I used, but also the first I threw away. 

My experience is that they dry out quickly, leak quickly, and do not always cover the lines. So those are 3 big disadvantages why I don’t use them anymore.

Tips & tricks for using a chalk marker

Always handy and fun to get some extra tips & tricks, so here they come:

  1. Before you start: read the instructions for use of the pen. Logical, but well, we sometimes forget that in our rush to make fun creations :).
  2. Shaking the pen is important, so the liquid will flow nicely. After shaking, press the tip a few times so that the liquid runs well into the tip. Just do that on a piece of paper.
  3. Refill your point a few times between drawing. You do this by shaking and pressing the tip a few times so that new ink flows into the tip. Then you keep keeping beautiful, clean lines that are equally thick everywhere. 
  4. Store the chalk markers flat. This prevents that point from drying out and that the ink flows to one point of the marker. If you store the pen upright, the ink may be more difficult to flow through the tip, or it may leak a lot.

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