How To Find Cheap Promarker Pens

Promarker Brushmarker, Graph’it, Twinmarker, Touch Marker, these are all brands of alcohol markers that have high prices. The online shops offer these felt-tip pens for $2.5 up to $5. The average price is $3.50. Even with discounts, these felt-tips are still quite expensive. However, these few ideas below will help you buy cheaper alcohol felt-tips.

Finding the best deals to buy cheaper

Art shops have more affordable offers of felt-tip pens in boxes or sets. Alcohol drawing felt-tip pens are more expensive individually. Online shops such as Cultura, Cdiscount, and Amazon are real niches to find excellent opportunities.

The sites dedicated exclusively to fine art do not fail to satisfy its customers by offering good deals. These types of platforms often broadcast good deals, limited in time, but very profitable.

Patience is an important quality in some cases, namely when certain colors are missing from the boxes or sets. These are often rare gems and as a result their price skyrockets. Some sites have interesting offers, but they are not easy to find. You will have to be diligent in your search.

Choosing the right Promarker alcohol markers

If you give little importance to the choice of brand, you will easily find your alcohol marker without much difficulty. Some brands sell at very affordable prices and offer colors that are close to those that are highly sought-after.

Discount’s Action store even offers brands like TwinMarker. These felt-tip pens are generally available in sets of 3 between 1 and 5 dollars, with shaded colors.

However, the color shown and the reality on paper are not often the same. But it is a risk to take for such a price. So, you have to go through a test to not be very disappointed.

Brushmarker and Promarker: how to get them at a good price?

The rule is clear. If you want to buy cheaper, spend a lot more time researching on the internet. Also, make a comparison and see the difference in price per unit and per lot. Don’t overlook the good deals.

Classified ads and specialized sites like LeBoncoin are privileged hunting grounds. But then again, there is no room for the lazy. Often ads appear to put for sale very little-used felts. In this case, trust is the order of the day, because the degree of wear and tear is impossible to determine by reading a simple ad.

Be sure to read carefully before you decide, because, in some offers, the sellers do not include postal delivery. In this case, the offer is no longer advantageous at all.

For safety, at the risk of falling into misleading advertisements, it is best to opt for a face-to-face sale that offers the possibility of a test before purchase.

To find the best offer, flexibility is important. For example, to get brand name alcohol markers at an affordable price, don’t reject the sets. Look on the bright side, you will have felt-tip pens, felt-tip paper, and other accessories to make a beautiful drawing.

To avoid shipping costs, these specialized platforms launch offers with a purchase limit so that delivery is free. This is an opportunity to collect the purchases to be made in order to benefit from them.

But the choice of the seller is also a crucial point, because on AliExpress for example, prices are exorbitant on brands such as Winsor & Newton.

However, competing felt-tips are sold there at more suitable prices, but before cracking up, it is advisable to consult the reviews.

Finally, reading the description carefully is a priority to avoid misleading advertisements. On some of them, felt pouches are displayed at more than reasonable prices, but be careful, because sometimes they are empty pouches.

You can of course buy promarker 24 or promarker 48 sets.

Brushmarker vs Promarker

I’ve long been a fan of Promarker for my art – I love the way the ink flows, and you get a smooth coverage of color, with minimal marks, similar to if you’d painted with ink, but with more control.

I fell completely in love with Promarker when I discovered their ultra-fine nib, perfect for coloring in details in my very complex drawings.

But recently, I don’t know what happened to their ultra-fine nibs – they used to be available, individually or in packs of three, as a separate nib for any of the Promarker pens (exchanging colors was just a matter of time, making marks until the new color came through).

Winsor & Newton recently took over Letraset’s Promarker brand. I’ve been asking about the future of the ultra-fine nib, but no answer.

So I decided to check out the new Winsor & Newton Brushmarker marker, which I read uses the same or similar ink, to see if it might be a suitable alternative in the near future when my stock of ultra-fine nibs runs out.

The idea is that the nib of the Brushmarker marker has a very fine tip, so I should be able to get a finer line, than the standard Promarker nib.

I bought a small selection, and made a small comparison between the Promarker (with and without ultra fine nibs) and the new Brushmarker.

Overall, I think I would prefer the ultra-fine nib, if I can get it, for the detail work, but the brush nib did a pretty good job of drawing a fine line, and when I used it the control over the coloring of the fine areas was perfectly adequate for what I needed (and I think if I practice my technique would improve too).

The brush pen is certainly a much better option for small areas and details than the standard Promarker pen (i.e. without the ultra-fine nib).

What I really liked about the Brushmarker nib was the flexibility of the nib, which meant that the pen was actually much nicer (softer) to draw with, and you felt like you were painting (rather than drawing with a pen).

With the tip of the brush, it’s also easier to move from one colour area to another, simply by adjusting the way you hold and use the brush.

So I decided that I would probably replace my Promarkers with Brushmarkers as they run out.

If you use Promarker or Brushmarker, let me know what you think and what you prefer in the comment section below!

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